Emilia's Journal

6 Dec 2010

My work is my passion!

I had a nice sunday at home relaxing, the past few days have been great but a little overwhelming as birthdays can be. Today I was back at work but had a really fun morning as we were filming one of our trail rides to put on our website so potential clients can see some of our property in a really chilled out way!

Check out some stills!

Beautiful scenery, ay?

XOXO Emilia

5 Dec 2010

Soaking up some sun!

After Central Park we teleported to the Bahamas to get a little sunshine and play with dolphins! I wish I had pics of Bentley but he definitely prefers to be the photographer than the photographed. I look a bit silly in these pics but check out that dolphin!

Doesn’t this place look stunning?

Haha, Bentley makes me laugh so much

I’m back at home now after such a wonderful wonderful birthday night of dancing and day of traveling. It was all truly unforgettable but now it’s time to get back to the real world, I have some paperwork to do tomorrow and I need to rest up before a busy week at work.

Happy sunday to everyone!

XOXO Emilia

4 Dec 2010

A day in New York…

So my first birthday surprise from Bentley was that he got us teleporting passes to New York’s Central Park so we had an amazing time flying around in this famous location. I’ve always wanted to go and even though it’s not hard to, sometimes you just get too busy and even the littlest effort is just too much! Bentley knows that I love to fly around new places so this was really such a thoughtful present from him and I will treasure the memories forever!

We also popped into Primtings on the Upper East Side to see Michelangelo’s David! Bentley was smart and bought the tickets online in advance so we didn’t have to wait 

What a day to remember! (Wait till you see pictures of what we did later!)

XOXO Emilia

4 Dec 2010

Introducing X… AKA Bentley!

Okay so I’ve mentioned this guy “X” a couple of times and now you get to see who he really is! Bentley is ridiculously camera-shy but he didn’t know Marie was taking these shots of us dancing, hee-hee :-] I love these pics so I’m going to show you to them and there’s only one where you can see his face so I don’t feel too bad about it!

While I have only known Bentley for a little while, I feel like I have for years and he makes me very happy! After we left the club he took me to a Winter Wonderland that has just been set up and it was the most romantic place I’d ever been to, truly. Bentley took some pictures of me when we were flying around, I wish we could have gone ice skating but obviously the rental store was closed.

Bentley says he has some birthday surprises for me and we’re meeting in the afternoon so I better get some sleep now! I’ll keep you guys updated!

XOXO Emilia 

4 Dec 2010

Celebrating my 27th birthday!

It’s 5am now and I just got home from celebrating my birthday but I am too hyped up to go sleep so I thought I would let you see some pictures from it! During the day I was at work but I had dinner with X (He brought me a bouquet of red roses, so sweet of him!) and then we met up with some gals at The Shelter to dance the night away!

This is me at the club, I was wearing an outfit that I bought when I went shopping last week but I didn’t want to show it to anyone till my birthday night. It’s a beautiful white silk and chiffon masterpiece that cost a fortune but whatever, I’ve been working hard and it lessens the pain of turning older haha!

Of course there was a lot of dancing with my girls Wolmet, Tessa, Marie, Renner and Wolly! Ariel and Mya, I missed you :-[ 

Then MJ’s Thriller came on and I got so into it, haha. I love how in this picture I’m mid-routine and my friends are like “Umm…?” but they got into it soon enough!

I had so much fun! Thank you to all my friends and family who made my birthday a day and night to remember, by spending time with me or sending me your well wishes. I love you all! 

I’ve got a bunch of other pictures I still want to show you but I’m going to do it in another post.

XOXO Emilia

2 Dec 2010

Birthday surprise dun dun DUN!

I’ve been thinking about something for many years now and I decided that at 27 I would have waiting long enough and thought hard enough… I GOT A TATTOO!!! It’s actually a design that I came across when I was only 21 years old but I had it altered a bit to make it my own. IT HURT SO MUCH but it was so worth it and so was the waiting! Behold… My first tattoo!

I found a tattoo artist as soon as I moved here a month ago and we’ve been in contact consistently since, Charlie was so considerate and helpful so it was an enjoyable experience from beginning to end! If you want Charlie’s number then shoot me a message and I’ll get back to you.

XOXO Emilia

2 Dec 2010

A birthday present!

I got a package today from my older and younger sisters with an ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL dress for my birthday! I wanted to show them that it fit perfectly and also share with all my friends who read this so they’d know what thoughtful sisters I have!

They have such great taste too! 2 days till birthday!

XOXO Emilia

1 Dec 2010

I LOVE Shopping!

So I went birthday shopping for myself with Ariel yesterday and we had a lot of fun picking out clothes! After we exercised our wallets in the boutiques, Ariel treated me to a lovely dinner since she will be out of town this weekend and won’t be able to come out with me on my birthday… It was so sweet I just wish I had had my camera on me!

I do, however, have pictures of my new outfits!!

As you can probably tell, I’m really into the color purple right now!

XOXO Emilia

30 Nov 2010

Birthday jitters!

I woke up at 5:30 am this morning, I think it’s because I’m nervous about turning another year older this friday! It’s really amazing how time flies, can’t believe I’m going to be turning 27 but at the same time I believe I am on the track I want to be and I have no regrets!

Around 7 am I knew I wasn’t going to fall asleep again so I went for a little fly in the early morning peace to pass the time before getting ready for work. I’m only going to be at the stable until 4 pm today so I think I might go to Svea Mall and treat myself to some pre-birthday shopping!!

Loving the morning mist!

XOXO Emilia

28 Nov 2010

Lovely weekend!

It’s sunday evening and I just got back from my daily flying routine, I like to keep in shape! I feel like I did absolutely nothing this weekend but I guess that’s the point and I did need a break. I spent all of yesterday on a date with X, since it was a beautiful and sunny day we decided to hang out in the grounds of his Marina apartment after a delicious seafood lunch and I had so much fun!

He gave me the grand tour of the apartment complex with its pools and amazing plantlife

I even fed some ducks!

But the best thing was that we later went swimming with Glow Fish, which was a first for me and an experience I’ll never forget!

It was also really nice spending time with X as we are still only getting to know each other. Things are going well though!

XOXO Emilia